What we do


We provide online tutoring/training to the students who need help in enriching their knowledge and skill in core subjects. We conduct classes in small groups of 10 students per class. And also there is option for one-on-one sessions, where a student gets personal attention from the tutor.

Any student with basic knowledge on computer can easily maneuver through the tabs and get access to easy learning of their choice of subjects. Classes at flexible timing are another booster to the learners. Clear understanding on their subject enables the students to stay connected with EDUCAST.

USA Certified Teaching and Tutoring faculty:
Our tutors are highly skilled and trained by International faculty in the filed of online tutoring, they have skills in identifying the strong and weak areas of each student and employ suitable strategies and approaches to enable the student to overcome the difficulty and score well and for further excellence in his strong areas.

Educast uses cutting edge technology:
Using the latest eLearning platform from Leading European and USA based companies and advancements to our students to make their learning a great experience. Educast works only on quality with innovative the technology and accessories used. We extensively look for the latest versions of technologies to develop and implement online tutoring more effective, attractive, interesting and result oriented for our students.

We exploits digital whiteboard, presentations, web browsing, and virtual class room (audio and video) functionalities to build the online tutoring sessions interesting, knowledgeable, easy to learn and enthusiastic to the students. We employ cutting edge technology to provide animated and digitized subject content to the students to comprehend the significance of the subject easily. We extensively make use of digital white boards to explain the content. The students are encouraged to utilize digital white boards to participate in solving the challenges. We develop additional power point presentations and documents to provide more information to the student.

Virtual class rooms:
A virtual class rooms at EDUCAST gives you the feel of a live class room at home. Mainly, because virtual class room has become sophisticated enough to give the students a fully educational experience. It endeavors to meet the needs and aspirations of every learner entrusted to its care.

Here are a few more special features of EDUCAST that make it a unique and a class apart from System of learning.

Flexible Schedule:
Group of Students can schedule their classes that they need, in the morning or at night depending on the student’s feasibility and also still have time for a social life. Virtual classes can be tightly scheduled together because there is no need for travel time to school or having to run all the way to tuition once back from school.

Notes and Class work:
EDUCAST state of the art Learning Management System (LMS) allows all of the class material to be uploaded by the server. You can also store your notes online. Granted, you will no longer be able to use the “Forgot at home” excuse but you will have access to all of your course work, anytime that you need it.

Connecting with other students:
Study groups and student discussion are a great way to prepare for upcoming tests and to help each other understand the information. Online Educast Platform makes getting together easier than ever with virtual study groups. You can talk and trade ideas as easily as if you were sitting in the same room as your friends.

Waking up and getting ready for an early morning class or hurriedly running to an evening tuition class can be a painful routine job. Most students do not even schedule morning classes because they will either sleep through them or not be able to pay attention. When you are attending Educast Class rooms the only hardship is rolling out of bed and booting up the computer and doing evening class at home relaxing, may be a pleasant exercise.

Review of recorded lectures:
The highly beneficial feature of Educast class rooms is that each and every class is recorded. Students can rerun the missed classes or review for more details, last 7 sessions are kept any given time.

Multimedia Content:
You can get into a new learning concept; here video clips bring you ideas and reasons in lively action. With much more interest for everyone. And with today’s internet connection speeds, we can all enjoy much better looking video’s, which are also rich in media content – you can watch a video directly from the site without the need to download it, listen to a presentation or browse a high quality video clip. Multimedia content is what shapes the Internet as we know and much more when it comes to online tutoring, EDUCAST.

Experienced Faculty:
EDUCAST in collaboration with its international partners like www.ed-next.com never compromises when it comes to the terms of teaching. So, Educast hires their faculties who are the best in industry with vast knowledge in their relevant subjects, who has the knack to mentor and coach the students to attain better grades. With faculties who are keen in teaching, coaching and mentoring, we are sure you’ll find yourself well suited in a right place.