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    EDUCAST is the premier destination for affordable online education – anytime, anywhere and in any subject. Our philosophy is that all students can learn if taught. We combine this belief with a sense of purpose and high expectations for all of our students. At this level students are expected to dedicate more time and attention to their studies.
    The EDUCAST tutors motivate and encourage the student to ensure that the student has the necessary support to achieve their full potential. They use our comprehensive and thorough lessons and question bank to master any subject and have access to a live tutor around the clock. Tutor helps students excel in school and in competitive examinations.

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    One-to-Many Tuition

    This is the flagship offering by EDUCAST, through this tutor gets a virtual class having un limited number of students globally, who have option to attend live class through EDUCAST platform, interact with teacher, also get the recorded lecture for later references, participate in online quiz and exams, get to submit their assignments through our Learning Management System also for O & A Level science students an interactive online Computer based self assessment as well as self evaluation. We use state of the technology Video Collaborative platform, with integrated White board sharing, video streaming, lecture recording, appearance of multiple locations/students at one time on teacher screen. Stent and teachers can interact simultaneously during class. Plus the most valuable feature is availability of recorded classes on students computers or Smart Phones, up to last 7 days classes are kept in archive for students to check out through EDUCAST special Windows/Android applications.

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    One-to-One TuitionOne-to-one coaching provides a fully supported, flexible programmer geared towards you as an individual. We focus on your specific life plans. This is your life, your journey, we simply provide the vehicle to help get you on the right road. Every child has unique gifts and every child learns in different ways. He secret to a successful education is not just in the schools you choose – whether they be private or public, it’s how you optimize their educational experience, And individualized programs help ensure that each student has the best opportunity for success. Teachers work with them in small groups, using a thematic approach. Students are never passive spectators to the learning process, but rather active participants who learn by doing. This facility too have the facility for students to rewind their class recordings on their computers and smart phones.To make economical for parents, it is also allowed to have uptill 4 students in total to sit in a one to one session too.
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