After operating number of projects with leading private and public organizations, now the consortium of EDUCAST has launched its online tuition service in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

In a short span of only 6 months of its launch EDUCAST is providing teaching and training platform to followings clients;

  1. HANDS (; Pakistan’s leading social sector NGO operating through this technology platform in 36 districts of the country, imparting education, training and awareness.




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English Language course-1

  1. Taaleem Foundation ( , A Unique English medium school chain in Balochistan tribal belt, uses this platform for elearning to over 4000 plus students.

The unique part of this project is that EDUCAST has also provided training of developing online educational content to teachers of TF. From its Karachi studio EDUCAST provides quality classes to schools in 8 Tribal locations of Balochistan. It has also provided a basic telecast platform to TF in Islamabad office, from where on daily basis Quran and English languages are telecasted to all schools.

Looking at the success of this project Balochistan Government have decided to seek support from TF for its eLearning facilities towards starting in other schools of Balochistan.



3) National Center for Rural

EDUCAST has provide a comprehensive Online training platform to The leading Rural development Training center ( –Govt of Pakistan, under its Establishment Division. This platform comprises of interactive Video conferencing tools built into the telecast platform, which enables the member countries of NCRD to get connected and interact within the ongoing training activities at NCRD-Islamabad facility.


4) Knowledge Core- Saudi

KC is joint venture partner with EDUCAST, also KC comprises of state of the art training facility in Riyadh, which is the GCC operational center for EDUCAST.

Online tutoring classes are currently being tested at KC, where tutors from Karachi and Islamabad will, be providing hybrid model eLEARNING to Pakistani students living in KSA. Initially this service is for Riyadh based families.

Students will be asked to attend physical class four time month , and remaining 2 days a week they will be getting classes at home on their Computers, IPADS and Smart Phones.

As EDUCAST will grow in KSA, then other cities will also get physical centers and online classes. For that matter EDUCAST in collaboration with KC are launching a exclusive franchise program for entire Kingdom.

Franchisee shall be required to provide physical place one in city, fully equipped as study center and connected through EDUCAST online network.

Students in that city will be asked to come same way as students in Riyadh are doing.

Similarly EDUCAST is also expanding in other GCC locations Like Jordan, Oman, Kuwait and UAE.



5) Shiekh Zayed Islamic Center-Karachi

EDUCAST and SZIC, during last Ramadan did a noble project of training the existing Quran tutors, into Certified Online Quran Tutors.

Under this project a total of 100 plus Quran teachers were selected by Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center, University of Karachi, these Quran tutors were put in training by EDUCAST using simple Skype and Interactive white board tools, the training was for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks were given to these students along with real students.

After 4 weeks 75 of these Quran tutors received their Certificate from Karachi University for Certified Quran Tutors.