Memon Industrial & Technical Institute (MITI)



Memon Industrial & Technical Institute (MITI)- Karachi

This is most innovative project of EDUCAST, it has developed a unique product, which enables any Skill & Vocational Training institute to provide Virtual Training to trainee any where in the world, through live interactive telecast, where instructor work is being zoomed in, and the trainee ask Q & A.

But the ideal situation is that in any skill or vocational training theory is only 30%-40%, for remaining training is HANDS ON, for that Virtual Telecast of training cannot be the only resolution.

For that EDUCAST for the first time has introduced Telepresence Robots (Humanoids), through which trainer from the center can dial in to the Robot and take it like Drone to seats of the trainee, for guiding and supervising their hands on work, this bring ICT in skill development to 100% possibility and effective solution ( Its photos and Videos are in Gallery)