F.A.Q’S- For Students


For Online Students

  • What exactly is on-line tuition?

Online tuition is merely a new way to learn or improve your skills through the internet from anywhere rather than at a specific physical school or college. Using the internet, learners are able to interact with tutors to either learn any subject from scratch or improve upon existing skills.

  • Are lessons only written?

Lessons are both Video and Audio and practically performed on board at the same time.

  • Why would I not just enroll at a college or take lessons face-to-face?

Many people do and if this suits your personality and lifestyle then this indeed may be a favorable option. However, some people may feel shy in large classrooms, feel as though they do not get enough attention from a teacher, may not be able to commit to regular lessons, may live a great distance from the nearest college and many parents would not feel comfortable sending children out in the evening.

Online tuition provides the learner with lessons when and where they want, cutting out all the complications. The security, flexibility and cost effectiveness of online tuition appeals to many people.

  • How long do lessons last?

Unlike one-to-one lessons, online lessons at-least 55 minutes per lesson.

  • 25% discount

According to our policy, if a person referred by you signs up with us, you will get discount in that month’s fee. here is no limit for referrals, Supposedly, if you have 4 “referrals”, you will be declared exempted for that entire month. If you have 5 “referrals”, we will deposit 25% of your monthly fee in your account. What else do you need!

  • How can I get registered?

Step 1: Please fill EDUCAST online form, After reading terms and conditions and submit necessary documents via e-mail at regs@edu.educastportal.com
Step 2: Wait for the confirmation email/SMS.
Step 3: Deposit registration charges.
Step 4: Wait for the call.

  • What is the registration charges and how can I deposit registration fee?

Registration charges for Educast online tuitions is Rs 1000 for Pakistanis living in Pakistan and $50 for foreigners/overseas Pakistanis. You can deposit registration fee by following means:

For locals (Pakistanis living in Pakistan):

Easy Paisa/MobiCash: ( details to be uploaded shortly)

Don’t forget to make a confirmation call on 0300 8259933 after depositing the amount with the merchant. Or visit our office with registration fee and necessary documents:

Physically deposit: 88-L, Block-2, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi ( Khalid Bin Waleed Road)

For foreigners/overseas Pakistanis:

Western Union: Please check the procedure for the transaction in your country/city from the Western Union website.

  • Where do I submit my documents?

You will need to submit some necessary documents before any inquiry is referred to you. These documents include:

  1. Scanned copy of your CNIC/identity card (both sides) / Passport in case you are a foreign citizen.
  2. Scanned copy of your last degree.
  3. Recent two or more photographs
  4. C.V.

You can submit your documents at regs@edu.educastportal.com Or visit our office with registration fee and necessary documents:

Physically deposit: 88-L, Block-2, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi ( Khalid Bin Waleed Road)

Our team will review your form and documents and if you are selected you will receive a confirmation text message/email.

  • What will I need to do after registering ?

You will be provided online training on how to use the system, our chat ID shall be provided to you and an account shall be created with user ID and Password.

You will required to under go a trail test with Educast online trainers.

You will be required to have the following:

  1. A good and stable Internet Connection – Preferably PTCL 4 MB (shared) connection, or 512 Kbps- Committed Rate ( CIR)
  2. A computer with good RAM and Audio Video tools ( Web cam and Head phone)
  3. You have to make sure while you are receiving the class, there should be no one in your home or facility who is sharing your internet connection.
  4. Incase of non reception of telecast, you will be required to install Team Viewer and pass its ID and password to our technical team
  5. While watching the transmission, you will not be allowed to call in or start chat, till the time you are not allowed by the moderator.
  • What unique offering is in your program, which others are not offering?

Normally there are two type of Online tutoring going on ;

  1. One to One: Normally done through Skype, in this white board is used and interaction is done via skype, this is the most common mode now a days, but this type of teaching do not have any value addition like the ones offered by Educast.
  2. One to Many: This is not happening in numbers, because there is requirement of very stable connection and good internet speed, by systems like WebEx, WizIQ, Microsoft Link, Acrobat connect, Webinars, which if acquired is quite expensive and become non affording for students.
  1. What is Unique in Educast ?

Educast is a European product, developed by a leading International eLearning platform companies, the platform follows principles of extreme compression in video transmission, which enables Live Video telecast over standard Internet links and enables a cost effective and affordable proposition for students.

We must understand that in the delivery of content that depends on Internet, this type of delivery is called PULL MODE, while Television reception is know as PUSH MODE.

In PUSH MODE, the quality of delivery is in hand of the delivery provider, because as reception there is no limitation or bottle necks.

But in PULL MODE, the quality of reception depends upon the receiving capacity of the receiver end, which means how ever good and quality content you are sending via Internet, if the receiver end do not have adequate internet speed, the whole effort will be fruitless and you content will not be shown properly.

  • This is where the edge of Educast comes, we operate at very low connectivity requirements, so the receiver which is student will be able to enjoy un-interrupted telecast.
  • Other salient features include, Educast will provide recording of all lectures for the convince of the student
  • Students will be able to get trained on US based Learning Management System, to get them true online education tools.
  • Currently Cambridge Science level students will have the facility to get Computer based Testing Service, which will enable them to assess them self subject wise , chapter wise on daily basis.
  • Every fortnightly students will be assembled at Educast physical campus, to meet their peers, interact with teachers, seek clarifications on their studies, their parents can also get sessions with teacher.
  • Parent will be informed via SMS about the performance and results on weekly basis.
  • Strict criteria is followed on student performance, bad performance in academics is not tolerated.
  • You will not be needed to be infront of your home Computer to attend the class, you c an attend your class from any computer, tablet, Smart Phone or SMART TV, only requirement will be to have good broadband link.